Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Fabulous Five turns Spectacular Six!

On the 3rd of June we welcomed our newest addition to our family

Ezra Timothy Short
7lbs 11oz
Born at home in the birth pool

We are enjoying getting to know this amazing little guy.

We choose his names for the following reasons:

Ezra - because he was an amazing leader who brought a nation back to God through his obedience to God.  Ezra means - 'Helper'
Timothy - because he was a great young leader who was described as a man of genuine faith, a man who is recommended and praised for his great character by other believers and is faithful to the Lord.
Timothy means - 'To honour God'

....and this is what we pray he will do with his life and is how we try to live our life.
It is that very reason he is here today!

Welcome to the world son....  you are deeply loved!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crafty Idea For Flowers

Recently I took on the task of making table centre pieces for a new ladies ministry in our church.  I was offered some of these lovely square jars for the project, by another member of the team if I wanted them, and they were just the thing!  

Here's how to make one for your home or event:
  1. Collect an empty jam or chutney jar of a shape that's to your liking.
  2. Pop to an arty, crafty shop and purchase some ribbon and a button to match.  My local shop had a whole section of fabulous buttons where I could pick my favourite and buy the amount I wanted. Think they were something like 22p each.
  3. Buy a few bunches of flowers that you like.  I used a variety of chrysanthemums and some carnations.
  4. Using super glue, attach the ribbon and button
  5. Fill jar with water to the middle of the ribbon line
  6. Add food colouring to the water for extra effect.  I used blue food colouring.  Just 1 or 2 drops should be plenty.
  7. Cut flowers to length and arrange to your liking 
  8. Enjoy!
I also added a butterfly that was purchased from a flower shop.  The butterfly is the ministries emblem so it helped tie everything together.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

An Exciting New Venture

If you are one of my Facebook friends, then you will already know that we received 2 very exciting parcels yesterday!  Inside contained items that will launch a new venture in our lives!

So what's all the excitement about?

Let me show you!

Guessed yet?

And just in case you've still not guessed...

My wonderfully talented husband is starting his own business!

Business launch date - April 8th

I'm so proud of my man!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Laundry! How We Cope...


I don't know about you, but our household manages to produce literally mountains of laundry!  Have you ever cried over laundry? I have! :/  Have you ever found dirty laundry in unsuspecting places?  It has been known in this household for dirty laundry (usually socks) to be discovered stuffed down the sides of mattresses, lurking in the back of wardrobes, hiding behind the laundry basket, under cushions, in toy baskets and under the rug!  I even found one lonely sock high up on a top shelf once (to high for me to reach without a step ladder)...  I guess one of my little chaps was playing heroes and took on the role of David, swinging his sock 'round and round and round and round... and one little sock went up, up, up.... and never came tumbling down'!  hah!  I wonder sometimes if more effort is taken to put said laundry in the obscure places than it would take to just throw it in the laundry basket. 
Laundry can certainly become an overwhelming task and on 'those days' that 'mumma said we'd have' it can feel all too much! - right?  It can just take a tireless night with the baby or the wrong time of the month and the tears can start to flow at the sight of the poor innocent laundry pile!

I can't claim a solution for the fatigue or hormones, but over the last few months we have developed a little system that is really working for us. 

None of our children are old enough to actually put the laundry on yet, but they most certainly are old enough to help fold and put their laundry away.  We begin the laundry cycle by yours truly sorting and washing the laundry.  Then I also sort the laundry for airing or tumbling. (I will sometimes have one of the older ones help with this task, after all... it is only by helping with a task that they will eventually graduate to being able to complete the task all by themselves).  Once the laundry is dry we dump the laundry in the middle of the living room floor and all get stuck into it... the 2yr old included! (it's surprising how well even a 2 yr old can fold things or find the matching sock!)  Sometimes we'll sing a song... the boys have taken to singing, 'Always look on the bright side of life'!  haha! Seriously though, singing your way through a job with the children can be so much fun!  Next is the bit that revolutionised our laundry ordeal...  I bought each of the children a small basket each.  Once the laundry is folded it is then placed straight into their allocated basket.  The laundry stays in their basket until it is full.  This is good little time saver because we are sorting/allocating the clothes while folding them.  Before our 'mini basket system' we would have put all the laundry in one big basket... it would still need allocating and when their piles were sorted the children would precariously carry their laundry to their bedroom and it was inevitable that some laundry would end up slumped on the floor.  By using the mini baskets, all the laundry makes it into their bedroom without being disturbed and has a much greater chance of being put away neatly.  The putting away of clothes is done during the 'chore pocket' time in the morning.  The baskets are stacked in the laundry cupboard until they are full and then laid out on the living room floor of an evening, ready for chore pocket time the next day. (will be blogging on our chore pocket system soon!)

This system has not only been a great success for time saving & efficiency, but has also made the job easier for the children.

*A quick tip for reducing laundry - If it isn't dirty, don't put it in the laundry basket.  This may seem a silly thing to say, but many families take off their clothes at the end of the day and throw them straight into the laundry basket without checking if they are clean or not.  This can add a lot more work to the laundry cycle than is necessary and also wear clothes out quickly.  We do a clothes inspection at the end of the day and only marked or smelly clothes (and always underwear (obviously!)) go to the laundry basket, everything else is put away for another day.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Secret Message


Means nothing to you I'm sure.  But to my husband and I it means something very, very special!

We make a special effort to make this abbreviation appear in places where the other will soon discover it.  Lipstick on a mirror, artistically drawn on slate, written on a toilet roll sheet, a note hidden in a drawer or in a lunch box, designed on the floor with some clothing... we try to get creative!

So what does it stand for?

'I Will Be Here'

It's a nice thing to say whatever, but it holds an extra special meaning for us because it is the title of the song I sang to my sweet husband on our wedding day.  It reminds us of the promise we made to each other those years ago, the love and adoration we have for each other and that through whatever storms of life may come our way... we will be here for the other to love and support the best we can.  Every time we see it written, it is reinforcing that commitment we made back in 2003!  In July this year we will celebrate a decade of our love and commitment to each other. Wow!  Thank you Jesus!

This 'secret message' has been a blessing in our marriage.  Perhaps you can think of a word or abbreviation that would be something special to your marriage.  Maybe you already have!

May God bless you richly as you seek Him

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to you! - You wonderful, beautiful mummies!

As our children are God's gift to us, so we are God's gift to them!
You work so hard every day, but not in vain!, for we are privileged to be raising the next generation for God's glory!
I pray you feel loved and encouraged today!

I know for some, today is a hard day.  Some are grieving the loss of a mother, some are grieving the loss of a child/ren, some are missing a close relationship/bond with their mothers and yet some are missing that they have no children.  May God be your comfort and your joy today.  
Sending you ((((cyber hugs))))

While today's main focus is celebrating & appreciating mothers, I wish take a moment to celebrate God who gave us this role; Who blessed our lives in this way. To Him be the glory!

They teach us so much, these little ones amoung us!  Thank you precious Jesus for the little children!
And thank you Lord God for mothers seeking Godliness... for mother's seeking that unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so pleasing to You!

 You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. 1 Peter 3:4

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Personalised Aprons for Christmas

We got creative this year for our Christmas gifts to the Nannys

I bought a plain apron in each of the Nanny's favourite colour, some special fabric paint for the printing and fabric pens for the writing.

First we painted a child's foot with the paint - like so:
(was rather tickleish apprently! haha)

Then we carefully printed on each apron.  We had the child put their full weight on the foot being printed.  Like So:

When all the prints had be done it was time for the children to write their names under their prints and then write a little message for Nanny on the top:

Once we were happy that everything was done, we needed to make the paint permanent.  To do that we needed to iron the prints.  We used a thin pillowcase to cover the prints and then ironed away.

Then all we had to do was package it up for Christmas!  


And that was it!  Was a lot of fun and the Nannys seemed pleased!